Christmas Preparations List

Christmas Preparations List

Christmas playlists, Christmas lights, Christmas discounts, Christmas presents in shops, Christmas food.....EVERYWHERE! Does it mean that we should already be in Christmas mood? Not exactly, but we definitely should start preparing for this amazing time to spend it with family! We are sure, that it takes a lot of time, so why not start now?!

Here is a little checklist what you could already do now in order to have an amazing Christmas time:

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1. Put activities to calendar.

You might want to schedule time for friends, some relatives or maybe even just for yourself. Make sure that if you plan something, that it is also in your calendar. That way you avoid overlapping activities. 

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2. Create a holiday card list.
Think already to who you are going to send a Christmas card. That makes it SO much easier when the time arrives. PS! You can also make the cards ready now.

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3. Make a gift list.
Isn't that easier to go grocery shopping when you have a list ready? Do the same with Christmas presents. You will thank yourself!

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4. Start shopping for presents.
Buying the gifts now has many advantages. First of all, you avoid masses of people. Secondly, the price is lower. And last but not least, you will feel relaxed as you don't have to worry no more about this!

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5. Do online shopping
Shopping in its best! Are we right? Spend as little time as possible and got the best prices! Loveby online store also has a Christmas special discounts coming soon- stay tuned!

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6. Wrap presents as you buy them
It leaves more time for you and less headache.

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7. Buy decorations and start decorating!
Isn't it a cozy feeling when you have some nice Christmas lights in your house when it is dark cloudy and cold outside? That's why Christmas is also amazing! Decorations make cozy even more cozy!

 How to get things going? Make a to-do-list and start crossing the above-mentioned tasks! 

Have a wonderful Christmas prep time!



November 15, 2017

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