Easter Holiday "To Do List"

Easter Holiday "To Do List"

Easter Holidays are coming up and there are few things that are needed to be done, so that your celebration of spring would be the best this year. We have put some of the ideas, that you can put into your ''To-do-list'' to make your Easter Holidays memorable!

1. Paint the Easter Eggs

Painting the Easter Eggs is one of the things you shouldn't left out in your Easter Holidays, because, what is Easter without beautifully colored Easter eggs?

Make yourself a pretty, braided and spring inspired hairstyle, and feel the magic wind in your beautiful, wavy hair.
What is Easter Holidays without proper cake? We have found the most pretiest and hopefully the tastiest cake recipie, which you can find in a link below.
4. Swing High on the Swings
Did you know, that on Easter you have to swing on the swings as high as you can, so that in summer the insects would't bite you? Well, this was kind of interesting swing-related belief, so we suggest you find the most highest swings and swing as high as you can!
5. Find the Easter Bunny!
Finally, what is Easter without Easter bunny who delivers diferent kind of goods? Whether those are colored eggs, or chocolate flavored eggs, you wouldn't want to miss a chance to see him!



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