10 Fall Makeup Trends that You Need to See

10 Fall Makeup Trends that You Need to See

Sadly, beach and bikini weather is far away from us. But the good news is that now we have so many gorgeous makeup trends to try out. But how do they exactly look like? That's why we have written this blog post- to introduce you to the latest changes in the beauty world! Straight from the high-fashion runways!


Vampy lips-LoveBy beauty blog

1. Vampy lips 

Vampy lips are all over the place this fall. Strong colour, blood-stained lips with minimal makeup definitely brings out the bold choice of yours!

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2. Black eyeliner 

The classic eyeliner is back in black! Try out a bit messier version of this- draw the on both upper and lower lid. Get the perfect finish by having that playful liner flick in the end. 

LoveBy beauty blog

3. Metallic eyeshadows

Make your eyes mesmerizing! Apply the coppery eyeshadow again on both upper and lower lid. And also a bit more dramatic version- wear it with the eyeliner!

LoveBy beauty blog

4. Feathery eyebrows

With the season also the eyebrow trends have dramatically changed. Instead of 'the perfect instagram eyebrow', feathery, brushed up eyebrows are taking over.

In order to create this look, you definitely need the best brush for your eyebrow styling.


And of course- don't forget to add a bit of colour to your eyebrows with our amazing powder trio.


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5. Peach lips and cheeks

If you don't feel comfortable with the bold and strong looks, try out peachy lips and cheeks. This is a more softer, summerish trend to go with. 

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6. Noticeable lower lashes

Make your eyes pop up with drawing out upper and lower lashes. Tip: to get a more wearable version, use waterproof mascara so that it would stay on all day long.

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7. Lightly highlighted skin and eyebrows

Highlighting has always been a great route for emphasising the points of your face when the light hits. Add a bit of highlighter to the Cupid's bow and cheekbones. Also use eyebrow highlighter to give your face a naturally gorgeous finish. 


LoveBy beauty blog

8. Two-tone lips

Make the lower lip just a bit darker than the upper one. This looks best with a stain, for that natural worn-for-a-while finish.

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9. Blue eyeshadow

A bit more unusual way how to grace your eyelids. It is time to experiment with new things! Again, keep makeup minimalistic so that the blue colour would shine bright like a diamond.

LoveBy beauty blog

10.  Classic red lips

Last but not least, bright red lips seem to be always in. Make them stand out by keeping makeup humble or wear them with black winged eyeliner.

Use the new trends to make your autumn a bit more daring. Try them out and find your favourites! 


Hope you found some inspiration to brighten up the cloudy, cold and grey weathers!



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