Bubble T Mentos Rainbow Bath fizzer


Brand: Bubble T

Bubble T Mentos Rainbow Bath fizzer (6 x 20g)

What’s better than one bath bomb fizzer? How about 6 instead? Oh yes!

Combining our love for tea with the popular chewy sweet, our new and exclusive Bubble T x Mentos range has finally landed!

Packed with sweet strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant, fresh apple and orange scents with a twist of tea, our new limited edition Bubble T x Mentos fruit splash tea mini bath bomb fizzers will be your newest favourite in no time.

Simply drop one or two bath bomb fizzers into warm water and relax as they fizz away to leave behind a fresh and fruity fragrance and multi-coloured hues.

Bubble T x Mentos Fruit Splash Tea Bath Bomb Fizzers - 6 x 20g