BROW Powder Trio- wonderBROW!


Brand: Andmetics

  • 3 colours for all skin types: light, medium and dark brown
  • All colours have a light olive-coloured tone to avoid a reddish tinge
  • Includes practical mini applicator (brushes)


3 colours for all skin types. A powder trio that leaves nothing to be desired. Shape your eyebrows perfectly with 3 colours for all skin types, applied individually or mixed, giving the face expression and strength. Each pack contains light, medium and dark brown colours. What is special about andmetics: none of the colours give your eyebrows that undesirable reddish tinge. This is why andmetics colour shades are made with a light olive tone.
Furthermore, you are provided with a practical mini applicator. The applicator consists of a small brush on one side which you can use to perfectly shape your eyebrows. On the other side is the other applicator, a brush to lightly apply the powder

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