Double & Zero solution mask Alaska Ice Water- 10 masks


Brand: Double & Zero

DOUBLE CARE SOLUTION MASK ALASKA ICE WATER-   10 sheet masks + Massage roller

Moisture care with Alaskan ice water filled with natural minerals

Dermatologist tested * Wrinkle improvement confirmed * A whole bottle of moisturizing ampoule(30m

  • Contains 25,000ppm of Alaskan ice water
  • 3 step moisture care with 3 natural moisture factor (NMF)
  • NMF amino acid complex (6 amino acids)
  • Patented oxidant care formula (Registration no:10-0966835)

Skycell crystal fabric provides perfect adhesion

  • 100% natural fabric made of Norwegian birch tree
  • High adhesion and skin absorption through double layer fabric
  • Excellent liquid retention increases delivery to the skin

Int-roller: Mask pack’s super adhesive revolution

  • Super adhesion effect in areas that frequently have gaps
  • Focused massage effect whenever, wherever
  • Increased essence absorption through int-roller’s rolling effect
  • Sanitary use of the mask pack
  • Easy to transport due to small size

How to use:

STEP 1 Beauty Care with 100% Purity 100% Premium Mask Pack

Place ask squarely on the entire face, smoothing to fit the curves of the face. Leaving on dor 10-20 minutes, remove the mask and tap slightly until essence absorbed.

Considering the skin’s 4- week turnover term, it is most effective to use consecutively 2-3 times a week for 4 weeks.

STEP 2 Esthetic Skin Massage Effect

Loose sagging eye * Around eyelid skin * Along the face line * For nasolabial folds * For V-shape face Along the nose line


  1. Please stop using the product while you find the following symptoms, otherwise it will worsen and get needed to consult dermatological specialist.
  • Red dots, Swelling, Irritation and Pains while you are suing the product
  • Above symptoms happen at direct sunlight
  1. Please do not use on wounds, eczema or inflammation area.
  2. Keeping Caution
  • Please close cab after use
  • Please keep away from children
  • Please do not keep high or low temperature or under direct sunlight
  • Please do not apply on the area around the eyes