Miracle Body Shaping Treatment


Brand: Purederm

Purederm Miracle Body Shaping Treatment

Purederm Miracle Body Shaping Treatment, containing Miracle Body Shaping CO2 Patch and Miracle Body Sculpting Gel,
is an amazing body re-sculpting treatment that combines the benefits of our patented CO2 carboxy therapy patch and fast acting body
sculpting gel which formulated with patented ingredient & natural emollients for maximum treatment results.
You will soon have more toned firmer skin, a more defined waistline, a flatter stomach, firm curved buttocks and more beautiful feminine contours.

Miracle Body Shaping CO2 Patch : The acids and carbonates spread on the patch generate a large amount of CO2 upon contact witism
for slimmer, sharper body contours. Made with our new technology and patent.

Miracle Body Sculpting Gel : The French company Seppic’s proprietary active ADIPOSLIM, combined with caffeine, PPC and Q-10,
penetrates deeply into skin and reduces cellulite for a smoother, firmer appearance.
England’s finest carbonated water ‘HARROGATE’ hydrates skin and promotes healthy beauty.

How to Use
1. Tear along the dotted line to separate Purederm Miracle Body Shaping CO2 Patch and Purederm Miracle Body Sculpting Gel.
2. Open Purederm Miracle Body Sculpting Gel, and spread evenly on Purederm Miracle Body Shaping CO2 Patch.
3. Remove the protective paper on the Purederm Miracle Body Shaping CO2 Patch.

Apply the patch to the desired area(abdomen, thigh, forearm, buttock, etc.).

  1. Remove the patch after 30-40 minutes. Rinse off any residue.
    *You may experience slight skin redness after use, but it should clear up on its own as it’s a temporal reaction caused from CO2 generation.

*Recommended Usage Wear the patch for 30-40 minutes. Apply the patch 2-3 times per week for the first month.

Then at least 2 times per week thereafter.